Artist Jaime Sloan

I’m Jaime Sloan, the artist behind Guava Jelly Metalworks. I live in Grand Haven, Michigan - a small town on the coast of Lake Michigan. My family and I love to take advantage of the beautiful area we live in by camping, beaching, and rockhounding (of course!).

I was introduced to sterling silver jewelry in a high school art class. I loved it right away and convinced my art teacher to allow me to do a couple independent studies in it. I put it behind me as I grew up, became a registered nurse, got married, and began raising my 3 children. I reached for the torch as a form of stress relief in 2020 while the pandemic raged and turned my hobby into a small business about a year later.

Metalsmithing is still a part-time gig for me but I spend as much time at the bench as I can. It’s my zen place. I can lose myself for hours listening to music or podcasts and creating. And if I’m stressed - there’s nothing better than burning metal and hitting it with hammers!

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