Artist Lisa Lehmann

Professionally, I'm a goldsmith—an artist who creates handcrafted jewelry utilizing gold and silver. I also paint, sketch, and create with passion. My career began in graphic design. This work allowed me to stay home with my four small children, but something was missing. I wanted to make things, real things, that lived outside of my computer screen. I needed to get my hands dirty. And so, I began my adventure in jewelry making. From the moment I first held a torch, I knew I had found my passion. 

I’ve always been compelled to capture beauty. At the end of the day, I hope my art serves others and brings them joy. I see my work as a conduit for connecting with people; for making them feel seen. I believe artistic expression is my God-given talent and Imust share that with the world! Jewelry design and fine art are my chosen trades, but it’s the human connections that really make my heart soar.


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