Artist Lisa Thorne

A Michigan native, Lisa Thorne has deep respect and awe for the natural world and its ability to nourish our souls and bodies, and often uses nature and its wonders as a model in her role as a holistic wellness coach, author, and photographer.The natural world continues to remain a magical place for Lisa in which she continually finds awe and inspiration. One of the reasons she photographs nature is her personal desire to inspire reverence in others for the natural world, because when we respect or even love something, we tend to take care of it.  She shoots almost exclusively nature photography, though it may sometimes represent nature intermingled with or overtaking a human-made structure. Her extensive portfolio consists of only photographs taken in or of Michigan, with the rare exception of a state or province bordering one of the Great Lakes.  Lisa edits her photographs very little, if at all, again with rare exceptions. Nature in its naked, unfiltered beauty is what she desires to portray and preserve.

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