Funny Drink Glass Markers - Cling Drink Markers

Set of nine reusable and hilarious vinyl clings to identify glasses at get together. Works on clean glass. Professionally printed. 5.5x8.5". Phrases include: - Just over here trying to drink my feelings. - Bet this party's better than parties I don't get invited to. - I think we all know it's already well past my bedtime. - Not to brag, but I'm going to be wasted in no time. - I'm ready for us to drink about some things. Like adults. - I'll be having another cuz I'm only getting funnier. - I'm pretty sure everyone here will be able to keep that secret. - Let's be honest. I was pretty drunk when I got here. - So great to be amongst friends who also drink too much. © 2023 Heather Abbott. All rights reserved.