Gold Lighter in Mahogany Wood - Slim Lighter refillable: Gold - Soft Flame / Limited Red Mahogany

These slim style lighters are made with real Mahogany wood, and refillable, featuring a replaceable flint for long-term use. Each lighter is finished by hand with your choice of color in fine Mahogany or Maple wood. Your lighter can be personalized with a custom hand-typed imprint for a unique gift. A vintage WWII typewriter is used to strike the physical emboss for your personalization. Each unique lighter is one of a kind with your hand printed emboss. We actually typewrite into the wood to customize your lighter The Slim Gold lighters feature a traditional Soft Flame The Slim Brass/Black lighters feature a Jet Torch flame Refillable with high quality butane fuel. Ships empty for safety. NOT A TOY, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Materials: wood, stainless steel.

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