Mermaid Message Slate Coasters, Set of Four

The law of attraction states that you get what you think about most. When you think positive thoughts, you can attract positive things into your life. Inspired by one of our best-selling stone assortments, this Mermaid Message Slate Coaster set features 12 words that serve as a reminder to focus on positive affirmations. What sets these coasters apart from most others on the market is the maker's bility to add colored print to the slate. The specially developed printing techniques ensure the print will stand the test of time. The coasters are sold in a set of 4 and are tied together with twine. - Size: Each coaster is approximately 4in x 4in - As slate is a natural product, each piece will be unique. It is normal for the edges of the product to appear uneven. No two pieces are the same. Slate is locally sourced in MA and printed in a MA facility.