Moravian Mini Star 7" Orange - Needle Punch

Orange 19 Pointer Ø 7-inch with needle punch holes Comes with a clear 12-ft cable, an energy saving LED bulb, choose between a 5V AC Adapter or a 5V USB Battery Pack. The Moravian star originated in Germany in the 1830s as a craft project which was intended to teach geometry to students at the Moravian school. These stars make festive decorations during the holidays and are beautiful year-round. WHY OUR STARS ARE DIFFERENT Artschatz Star Lights stand out from all the rest because our stars are the only ones that hang symmetrically with the tip pointing up, (they hang like a traditional “Protective” or “Luck” bringing star). Our pre-installed cable comes out of the point of the star ensuring that the star is hung properly and quickly ready for use.
Power Source